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Explore your creative potential

Get more from your recordings with professional high-end equipment in our acoustically engineered studios.

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Whitehouse Studios offer a full range of recording, editing, production, mixing and mastering services.

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We focus on the song, the artist and the environment to make the journey from idea to radio as effortless as possible. 


Artists have full access to all the studios equipment, from manufacturers such as Blackstar, Orange, Gallien Krueger, Mapex, Tama and many more to experiment with and ultimately record.


Whilst we primarily produce music, the studio makes an awesome setting for your Instagram photos or video shoot!


Contact us to create your perfect sound!

The Process

The recording process generally involves some or all of the stages of pre-production, recording, mixing, mastering and delivery, regardless of the type or size of the project. By following a structured recording process you can ensure that the journey to your final product is smooth, efficient and rewarding.


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This is the planning stage where you define the goals of your project, determine the resources you need, and create a plan to achieve those goals. It's important to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and who your target audience is. This stage may also involve demo recordings, changing the arrangement and deciding on instrumentation layers for the songs.


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This is the stage where you actually capture the audio planned in the pre-production stage. This will involve setting up microphones, finding the perfect tones and performing the material multiple times to get the best takes.


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We use Pro Tools Ultimate as it’s the industry wide leading editing platform and we are able to substantially improve your recordings using professional techniques. Whether you require a polished pop production or raw rock recording, editing can play a big part in achieving your final result. We ensure the application of appropriate editing methods to achieve the results you require.


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This is where you take the recorded tracks and adjust the levels, EQ, panning, and effects to create a cohesive and balanced mix. It's important to listen to the mix in different environments to ensure it sounds good on different playback systems.


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This is the final stage of the audio production process, where we apply final touches to the mix to ensure it sounds polished and professional. This may involve adjusting the overall volume and applying dynamic processing. It's important to listen to the final master in a variety of environments to ensure it sounds good on different playback systems.


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This is where we prepare the final project for distribution to your audience. This may involve creating physical media such as CDs or encoding the audio in a specific format ready to upload to a streaming platform or website. It's important to make sure your final deliverable meets the technical specifications of your chosen distribution method.
Depending on your needs and resources, you may choose to complete some or all of the stages of the recording process at the studio. The  approach you take will depend on your goals, budget and level of experience with audio production. We can tailor a package that will suit your specific needs. The price we quote is the price you pay. No hidden extras.

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